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Tree Essence is a Gold Coast based arboricultural company, providing services throughout South East Queensland.

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Tree Essence are Gold Coasts Leading Tree Experts – Call 1300 487 333

Welcome to Tree Essence

At Tree Essence we ensure each of our clients receive the highest standard of customer service and quality tree care. The team at Tree Essence have extensive arboricultural knowledge and will provide our clients with all the guidance and help to make an informed and ethical decision on their trees.

We provide a complete range of tree related services including tree lopping with all the latest equipment and safety protocols ensuring our clients receive the highest quality workmanship and service.


Passion for tree care is the essence of what our arborists strive for. To ensure our clients receive exceptional customer service and complete satisfaction, Jamie the proprietor of Tree Essence will always be onsite with his team. Our team of highly skilled and proficient Arborists will provide our clients with the highest quality tree care and tree removal ensuring safety and efficiency to your property on the Gold Coast. Our experienced Arborists have extensive knowledge of all tree care and more than willing to advise our clients on making the right decision.

Contact us today for all your tree care needs and put your mind at ease.


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Tree Essence are Gold Coast’s Leading Tree Experts – Call 1300 487 333

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