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As an Arborist Gold Coast specialist, we can ensure your trees remain healthy.  Visual inspections done by the homeowner are one of the most beneficial practices for tree care. While professional examinations should be done by certified arborists and should be performed every year or two, homeowners who inspect their trees regularly will be better aware of any abnormalities.

To tell if your tree is healthy, you should check four things: leaf size, leaf appearance, the number of new leaves and growth, and the appearance of the branches and unions of the tree. If there seems to be a dramatic change in any of these from the previous years, it’s likely that the tree is having some health issues. While any tree can fall victim to disease, drought stress, environmental factors, these are of particular concern for trees in the urban environment. Tree integrity is essential when any of these issues present themselves, and frequent homeowner inspections are an excellent way to identify such problems early.

If you do notice any abnormalities, there’s no need to be alarmed – simply contact Tree Essence. We are able to provide you with all your tree solutions. If you have a dangerous tree or a problem tree we specialise in aspects of tree care and maintenance.

We have AQF Level 5 Arborists Gold Coast who can assist you with reports and tree management plans. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced Arborists servicing the Gold Coast can provide you with all of your aboricultural requirements. Contact Jamie and he will assist you  – he has over a decade of knowledge and experience.

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