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Case studies of our Previous Projects.




The team at Tree Essence would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued clients for your continued patronage and support throughout 2020. This year has been one of unprecedented challenges to many families and businesses across the world.  We hope that 2021 will bring you good health, happiness and more time to spend […]

Removal of damaged Palm Trees, Byron Bay

As you can see from this picture all the tops of the Alexander Palms have completely flopped over. This was the result of them being struck by lightning, causing the tops to catch on fire. The entire trunk of the tree is like a vascular system, with water being a conductor of electricity, hence the […]

Our sincere appreciation and best wishes for the Festive Season

22 Dec 2020The team at Tree Essence would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued clients for your continued patronage and support throughout 2020. This year has been one of unprecedented challenges to many families and businesses across the world.  We hope that 2021 will bring you good health, happiness and more time […]

Have you booked in your regular Arborist services?

27 Nov 2020Once again our sincere thanks for your continued support of Tree Essence. It has been an extremely busy time for us over the past months. As Christmas and the New Year approaches our commitment and hard work continues – we won’t stop, so be rest assured we will be booked solid! Should you […]

How to get your garden ready for the Summer heat

The inevitable Summer heat will impact on the health of your trees, shrubs and flowers. Here are some tips on how you can have a healthy and stunning Summer Garden. Getting your soil ready – The soil temperature can get very hot in Summer and this is an undesirable climate for Microorganisms. These Microorganisms aid […]

Foxtail Palms Mermaid Waters, Removal and Treatment

The Foxtail palm (Wodyetia bifurcata) an Australian native, is adaptable and fast-growing. It is a very attractive palm with long 2-3 metre plumose leaves, hence the name ‘Foxtail’. They grow to 10m tall and produce large orange fruit. We received a call from a couple who had just purchased a duplex at Mermaid Beach on […]

Palm Cleaning Elanora Gold Coast

This large Phoenix Palm located at the Isle of Palms Resort on the Gold Coast was in serious need of some tlc. The Resort contacted Tree Essence Arborists, concerned about the state of the Palm. Whilst the pool was undergoing a complete renovation, some the large root system had been exposed by the machinery. We […]

Tree Pruning Reedy Creek

One of the gratifying aspects for our whole team at Tree Essence on the Gold Coast is the fact that we can help to give back to the ecosystem where trees are concerned. Trees play a vital role in preserving our ecosystem by providing habitat and food for birds and animals.  They also stabilise the soil, […]

Tree Pruning Ashmore

07 Oct 2020It is inspiring when we at Tree Essence Arborists on the Gold Coast, continually come across clients that are pro-green in alignment with our passion for tree care. We are often called “Tree Doctors” because we care and save the life of trees and shrubs when and where we can, in a safe […]

Silky Oak Remedial Pruning Pottsville

23 Sep 2020This stunning 25 metre high Silky Oak Tree is located in Pottsville, NSW.  The Silky Oak has dark grey bark, dark green lobed foliage and stunning golden-orange flowers. Its timber is commonly used for making furniture. The property owners rang Tree Essence Arborists to do an inspection of the tree as they were considering […]

How do I get Gold Coast City Council approval to remove a tree?

01 Sep 2020There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when removing a tree. Under the Gold Coast legislation, you can’t just go and cut down a tree. All trees are protected over a certain size. For private land, lots 4,000m2 and under – any tree within 1.5 metres on the boundary fence […]

Tree Essence – Tree Removals Gold Coast – Queensland’s Best rated 5 stars on Google

02 Aug 2020

How to care for your Poinciana Tree, Gold Coast

22 Jul 2020The Poinciana is a flowering tree and an easy yard favourite in Australia. Its flowers, large and luscious, come in bright red-orange and grow up to eight centimetres long. Its leaves look feathery and come in bright green, growing some 30-50 centimetres long. The Poinciana carries seed pods because it’s a legume. The […]

Mulching Gold Coast

15 Jul 2020The root system of a tree is the most important part of the tree, as it is absorbing nutrients and minerals from the soil through the process of Osmosis. Osmosis is how plants are able to absorb water from the soil. Mulching works best if you can obtain a mixture of tree varieties […]

Tree Removal Tweed Heads – Decayed Liquidambar

01 Jul 2020The magnificent Liquidambar trees produce some of the most spectacular autumn foliage known. The genus name literally means liquid amber, and refers to the resin exuded by the winter buds. Unfortunately, this Liquidambar tree located at Tweed Heads had to be removed as it had two large basal cavities which encroached up the […]

Tree Pruning Labrador, Gold Coast

25 Jun 2020As stunning as the Moreton Bay Fig trees are, they have a large and vigorous root system, so it is not a good idea to plant them in a normal suburban environment. They will take nutrients from the grass as they spread widely across the ground. There is also the possibility of damage […]

Land clearing & Tree Removal Nerang, Gold Coast

17 Jun 2020This new client of Tree Essence recently purchased a rural block of land and house at Nerang, Gold Coast. Unfortunately, the previous owners had a contractor out who had cut all the top out of their large Gum Trees. This is considered to be poor practice and bad judgment due to the ongoing […]

Tree Essence extensive range of machinery makes for fast efficient service

Tree Essence Arborists, Gold Coast offer an extensive range of tree services, inclusive of wood chipping on site. This 18-inch capacity wood chipper is just one of the pieces of machinery that we have available to ensure that our projects are productively followed through to the very end. You can choose to use the wood […]

Fairy Light Installation and Maintenance, Brisbane

03 Jun 2020These fairy lights were installed on Racecourse Road, Ascot in 2019. The gateway to Racecourse Road on either end stands 2 stunning Fig Trees. Each tree has approximately 600 metres of lights circling from the base of the tree up to the tips of the branches. Every year, as part of the maintenance […]

Phoenix Palm Pruning – Southport, Gold Coast

27 May 2020Tree Essence was called upon by a new client to access the state of this very neglected Phoenix Palm Tree at Southport. They had read our 5 star reviews and believed that they could trust us to undertake their Arborist works. They had previously been given some very poor advice and service and […]

Neighbours cutting down their costs for combined Tree Removal Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

20 May 2020It is an uncommon sight to see neighbours working together to get their tree removal and arborist work completed at the same time. However, on this occasion, it did happen and it was something the Tree Essence were only too happy to be part of. Teamwork really makes the dream happen. Consolidating any […]

Eucalyptus Tree Removal Worongary, Gold Coast

13 May 2020At Tree Essence we pride ourselves on precision and care when it comes to quality tree removal and arborist services. Such is the case demonstrated with recent Eucalyptus tree removals at Worongary on the Gold Coast. The property owners called Tree Essence to look at their acreage property which is a very typical […]

Conifer Tree Removal Broadbeach Waters, Gold Coast

06 May 2020Conifers are cone-bearing plants and are generally slow growing. They are a hardy plant and will adapt well to most growing conditions. They need well-drained, moist soil and only require watering when the soil is completely dry.  Confier Trees require little pruning as they grow to a definite symmetrical shape. Leylandii is a conifer […]

Spotted Gum Tree Removal Oxenford, Gold Coast

29 Apr 2020As you can see from the attached picture – Tree Essence Gold Coast will go to any heights to achieve the best results for our clients. We put our best foot forward (excuse the pun!). Safety to everyone is our highest priority and we always ensure that we adhere to the strictest health […]

Poinciana Tree Pruning Burleigh Heads

22 Apr 2020This magnificent Poinciana specimen at Burleigh Heads, has been cared for by Tree Essence for about 5 years now. Our clients get us back every year to prune this tree in order to maintain its structure and shape. The results are evident in this photo which displays the aesthetic characters of the tree. […]

Tree Services Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast

15 Apr 2020The team at Tree Essence Gold Coast, have been caring for the trees on the grounds of Varsity College at Varsity Lakes, for about 5 years now. In keeping up with the tradition, we were there again these school holidays to maintain the health and sound structure of the trees and scrubs, that […]

Phoenix Palm Pruning Gold Coast – Mermaid Beach

08 Apr 2020It could be suggested that nothing accentuates a Gold Coast home lifestyle more than a Palm Tree. For this reason, it is little wonder that the Gold Coast is renowned for having stunning Palm Trees dotted all along the Coast Line. The team at Tree Essence Arborists are well known for our work […]

Eucalyptus Tree Removal Gold Coast – Mudgeeraba

01 Apr 2020This Eucalyptus Tree which had been standing for decades on a residential acreage at Mudgeeraba, failed at the roots after a storm went through the town. As experienced Arborists Gold Coast, we get to witness many different types of substantial tree damage caused by the forces of nature. This is one of the […]

Coconut Palm Pruning and Treatment – Kingscliff

25 Mar 2020This is the 4th year that Tree Essence Arborists Gold Coast, have pruned and treated these three (3 ) Coconut Palms for our clients and the results show! Annually, we do a soil injection of nutrients plus an insecticide which is systemic and stays present within the Coconut Palm. This acts as a […]

Spotted Gum Tree Removal – Mudgeeraba

18 Mar 2020This is what the view looks like when you are climbing a 35 metre tall Spotted Gum Tree. The owners of this residential property at Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast, called us here at Tree Essence as they were concerned about the stability of the tree. Upon inspection of the tree, we discovered […]

Health and Hygiene Policy

16 Mar 2020To our valued clients We have zero cases of the virus reported from our staff and their families thus far – Staff who can work effectively from home are doing so – Offices desktop surfaces, vehicles and tools are being cleaned daily – Staff with symptoms are obliged to report them to Management, […]

Caring for your Poinciana Tree Gold Coast

10 Mar 2020The team at Tree Essence Gold Coast has maintained Poinciana trees in households and business establishments on the Gold Coast areas for years. The Poinciana is a flowering tree and an easy yard favourite in Australia. Its flowers, large and luscious, come in bright red-orange and grow up to eight centimetres long. Its […]

Bamboo Tree Removal Mudgeeraba

04 Mar 2020It is important that you read about the pros and cons of planting bamboo in your garden before buying them. In most cases, these plants are chosen by gardeners as an attractive, fast-growing addition to their flowerbeds, which have the added benefit of screening gardens in order to have privacy from neighbours. Bamboo […]

Tree Pruning of a Hoop Pine Kingscliff

26 Feb 2020Tree Essence Arborists Gold Coast were asked to remove a large Hoop Pine (Araucaria Cunninghamii) from a residential property at Kingscliff. This magnificent specimen spanned 40 meters in height. The owners of the property were concerned with the safety of the tree considering the current wild weather that was tormenting the region. Hoop […]

Removal Of An Unhealthy Iron Bark Tree at Southport

19 Feb 2020We received a call from a prospective client with concerns over a very unhealthy and failing large Iron Bark Tree (Eucalyptus) located in Southport. This residential property was located in one of the older heritage areas of Southport. Tree Essence Gold Coast organised a time to undertake an inspection of the tree, however, […]

Tree Removal Helensvale

12 Feb 2020For this project, Tree Essence Arborists Gold Coast, were engaged to prune and remove trees for our client’s new driveway, making access to a new carpark. We selectively retained significant trees that were healthy and beautiful, only removing trees that would be impacted making way for the new driveway.  With the retained trees, we […]

Tree Pruning of a Dangerous Spotted Gum Tree, Labrador

04 Feb 2020One of our regular clients called Tree Essence Arborist Gold Coast with concern, in regards to a large Spotted Gum Tree which was located on their boundary fenceline. Spotted Gum (Corymbia Maculata)  is a tall tree with a straight trunk, growing around 35-45 meters in height. Exceptionally big trees can reach 70 meters in […]

Tree Essence Are Your Trusted Arborists on the Gold Coast

30 Jan 2020When it comes to tree lopping or tree removal on the Gold Coast, you can trust the team here at Tree Essence Arborists. Our reputation is evident in the 5 star reviews that we receive from our clients, plus our “track record” speaks of competence and diligence under any circumstance. When it comes […]

Palm Tree Removal Currumbin Gold Coast

22 Jan 2020Washingtonia Robusta commonly known as the Mexican Fan Palm is a fast-growing species that can reach heights of 70 to 100 feet. To the surprise of one of our valued clients, their Washingtonia Palms had grown well beyond their expectations. They called upon Tree Essence Arborists Gold Coast to look at the situation […]

Eucalyptus Tree Removal Coomera Gold Coast

15 Jan 2020We reached new heights today removing some large gums in Coomera, to make way for a new house. I believe the picture says it all…. Our equipment is of the highest standards and is maintained regularly. Safety is our top priority for people, animals and property. The owners of this Coomera property contacted […]

Arborist Services for a Kurrajong Tree, Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast

31 Dec 2019Tree Essence Arborists were contacted by their clients in Burleigh Heads, with concerns in regards to one of their trees looking stressed and possibly dying. This tree is a Kurrajong Tree (Brachychiton Populneus). We examined the tree in the first instance, testing and inspecting the tree’s soil, roots and foliage. We discovered water […]

Pine Tree Maintenance prior to Fairy Lights being installed at Miami Beach

18 Dec 2019This stunning Pine Tree at Miami Beach is in the process of becoming a feature in the garden. The owners of this residential property wanted to adorn the tree with Fairy Lights to illuminate a rainbow of colours for full effect, all year round. No doubt a showpiece in the evening for people […]

Poinciana Removal Tweed Heads

27 Nov 2019The residents of this property at Tweed Heads, called Tree Essence Arborists to do a site investigation of their property. Of particular concern to them was the Poinciana tree situated close to the house. They had noticed some decay within the tree, plus the large invasive root system of the Poinciana was beginning […]

Palm Cleaning Varsity Lakes

13 Nov 2019Cleaning palms is necessary to maintain the aesthetic look of the tree, to keep the tree healthy ensuring longevity and most importantly to remove any dead fronds and berries from the palm which can become a hazard for people and property. Varsity College asked Tree Essence Gold Coast to undertake the cleaning of […]

Large tree removal Tweed Heads

06 Nov 2019We looked at every option to save this 35 metre Iron Bark (Eucalyptus Crebra). The owners are eco-conscious adopting the same philosophy as Tree Essence Arborists Tweed Heads, when it comes to tree prevention and conservation. However, this tree was causing structural damage to the owner’s property due to the expansion of the […]

Partial Forest Red Gum Tree Removal at Helensvale

16 Oct 2019Helensvale High School on the Gold Coast called Tree Essence Arborists with quite a unique problem with one of their very large Forest Red Gum Trees (Eucalyptus tereticornis). The first issue was that there was a significant active crack in the compression fork of the tree. With each growing season there is a […]

Confined Palm Tree Removal – Magic Mountain

09 Oct 2019The owners of a large residential and holiday complex at Magic Mountain on the Gold Coast, called upon Tree Essence as they were having problems with their mature Cuban Royal Palms. These palms can reach a height of 30 meters. The leaf fronds are long and drooping extending 4 meters in length and […]

Tallai Eucalyptus tree removal

18 Sep 2019Yes! as the picture portrays, we go to great heights to ensure our client’s needs are met. With the recent storm on the Gold Coast, this family from Tallai were caught out with large branches and debris flying across their property. Way to close to their house and pool for their peace of […]

Worried about the smoke haze and thinking about trees near your house?

11 Sep 2019Hello everyone, We have received a number of calls from people concerned about the trees close to their house, with the current bush fire situation. This is a timely reminder to think about trimming trees away from your home, shed and other built assets. Particularly for people living on acreage and rural properties […]

Phoenix Palm Health Management Plan at Labrador

04 Sep 2019We talked about the stunning Phoenix Palm in our last blog and how we get called upon frequently to maintain their healthy appearance and structure. Given the cost of the initial financial investment into these unique and iconic palms, it makes good sense to continue to invest in their growth and stability. Another […]

Poinciana tree trimming Surfers Paradise

21 Aug 2019We take great care with this species of tree and look after literally 100s of Poinciana trees on the Gold Coast. These are located on residential, commercial, school or local government lands. Poincianas in our care become treasured examples of our work and dedication. In most cases our clients request our return visits, […]

Acacia Tree Removal Gold Coast

02 Aug 2019Acacia, also known as Wattle, is a native tree found not only on the Gold Coast but across all corners of this beautiful land we call home. Three  of the most common Acacia or Wattle trees on the Gold Coast include the Acacia Bancroftii, Acacia Holosericia and Acacia Buxifolia (known as a box-leaf wattle). […]

Tree Pruning Gold Coast – Lemon Trees

17 Jul 2019Lemons make more than a great garnish for dishes like chicken and grilled fish. They are popular all over the Gold Coast and its surrounding areas. Because of their abundance and fertility, each tree produces up to 270 kg of lemons annually. Lemon trees are a common sight in many homes across the […]

Gum Tree Lopping and Pruning Gold Coast

10 Jul 2019Trees, like all living things, change constantly and their growth can get out of control. Gum trees may age and get sick, thus proper measures have to be taken to take care of them.   This is where tree lopping and pruning come in. These processes are essential in taking care of your trees […]

Tree removals Broadbeach Waters after a house was demolished

26 Jun 2019When our team receives call outs for tree removals, we are generally expected to take a tree away. This case for a recent job in Broadbeach Waters, Tree removal actually meant moving the tree. As is frequently the case in Gold Coast’s more exclusive suburbs, there is now a lot of houses being […]

Tree Removal Coomera: Crucial factors to keep in mind before cutting down a tree

07 Jun 2019Who doesn’t like having a tree on their yard in Coomera? Not only does it makes your front yard aesthetically appealing, but also provides fresh air and shade. However, unexpected situations are always inevitable when it’s the tree that causes them to happen. Removing a tree requires in-depth knowledge and analysis. It’s harmful […]

What to do with a damaged tree in Oxenford?

31 May 2019Over the past few years, our team at Tree Essence have witnessed the devastating effects on trees caused by storm damage. Though some storms are more destructive than others, tree damage is something we see all too often on the Gold Coast and a recent example from Oxenford has prompted us to help […]

Tree services and safety in Benowa

24 May 2019When it comes to property maintenance, proper tree care is one of the most important things some of Gold Coast’s residents pay attention to, yet sometimes taken for granted. Since the Gold Coast is one of the most affected cities in Queensland during storm seasons, homeowners do a lot of their tree trimming, […]

What happens to a stressed tree in Burleigh Heads?

17 May 2019Residents in Burleigh Heads have always had a love affair with trees. They’ve been standing in their lawns for years. The Burleigh Heads National Park is also home to some beautiful and rare varieties trees that can be located in the suburb. Lined along the many stunning streets of Burleigh Heads, a tree […]

Factors influencing Molendinar homeowners to avail of tree removal services

10 May 2019The Gold Coast is a tree-abundant city and everyone who lives there adores them. Trees play a vital role as it helps streetscapes look more appealing to residents and visitors, especially in Molendinar. But since Gold Coast is one of the cities in South East Queensland that get affected during a storm surge, […]

3 common reasons for tree removal in Miami

03 May 2019Some residents in Miami love trees and will keep them at all costs. Others love to clear out their entire garden, too. We all know that trees are beautiful and beneficial. They attract wildlife, create shade and provide for a soothing, relaxing sound in the breeze. But sometimes, circumstances change and we realise […]

Tree Removal of a dangerous dead tree at Broadbeach

26 Apr 2019At Tree Essence we love trees!   We use our professional arborist knowledge to assist homeowners manage all aspects of their tree maintenance. In doing so, our clients get to enjoy the grand benefits of trees, do their part for the environment and live safely. It’s for this reason that we proudly call ourselves […]

4 reasons to invest in tree trimming services at Tallai

19 Apr 2019If you have trees in Tallai, it is necessary to maintain their health. Giving them proper care will make them continue showering you with countless benefits. If you are still contemplating whether you should hire arborists in Tallai or not, read on. Here are four reasons to invest in tree trimming services at […]

Poisoned tree removal Robina and the neighbour from hell

09 Apr 2019You would hard pressed to fathom the level of empathy we felt for a very recent Robina tree removal client. For reasons we have not come to know exactly a neighbour had poisoned an entire fence line of trees. The offender had gone to a lot of trouble and we saw the evidence. […]

Tree Removal in Coombabah

05 Apr 2019Coombabah is a suburb located centrally along the Gold Coast. Hosting a vast variety of houses and unit blocks, trees of all shapes and sizes are popular ornaments that line the streetscapes of Coombabah. When it comes to tree removal in this suburb, Tree Essence have got you covered. A tall eucalyptus tree […]

Tree Removal: When to cut down a tree in Alberton?

29 Mar 2019Most of us have fond memories of a tree. Maybe you once climbed a tree before, or perhaps a tree house was your favourite spot to hang out with your peer group. We can’t deny the fact that all of us have enjoyed the fun a tree gave us since we were young. […]

Precise tree removal at a luxury home based at Southport

14 Mar 2019When it comes to attention to detail Tree Essence prove time and time again to their customers that they go to great lengths to protect their clients assets. In the past month, Tree Essence had the pleasure of dealing with a job where precision and care were key factors. This was particularly the […]

3 benefits of tree pruning in Ashmore

08 Mar 2019Tree pruning refers to an arboricultural practice that involves removing certain tree parts such as branches and a dense web of roots. It is not just about aesthetics but it is the most common tree maintenance you can execute. In Ashmore, trees you can usually find there are trees with overgrown branches touching […]

Palm tree removal and maintenance in Surfers Paradise

01 Mar 2019It’s the quintessential, iconic Aussie beach – Surfers Paradise lies at the heart of Queensland’s prized Gold Coast. Surfers Paradise is home to Surfers Paradise Beach which attracts thousands of surfers from all across the globe and plays host to Australia’s number one choice for vacationing. Several surfing events are held every year […]

Arborist services in Numinbah Valley

22 Feb 2019Numinbah Valley is a suburb and a valley in the Gold Coast hinterland. The suburb consists of outcrops, waterfalls, rainforest, cleared grazing land and good hinterland scenery. Vegetation in the suburb includes dry and wet sclerophyll forest. With these features in Numinbah Valley, it is filled with trees, small and huge. In recent […]

Land Clearing on the Gold Coast

15 Feb 2019Each suburb on the Gold Coast consists of trees. They provide fresher air and a relaxing view for the residents all across the City from the far reaches of Stapylton all the way south to Natural Bridge and east to Coolangatta. But storm event such as cyclones, thunderstorms and gusty winds can impact […]

Tree Removal in Tallebudgera Valley

08 Feb 2019Healthy trees can protect people and buildings. They help stop global warming by reducing the carbon dioxide in the environment and produce oxygen for us to inhale. Trees also provide food for us humans and for herbivores. These are just some of the advantages of trees, but little do we know that trees […]

Tree Removal Gold Coast

01 Feb 2019Trees on the sunny Gold Coast are everywhere. They give off the perfect calming effect everywhere it is planted. Trees also provide a more liveable environment. Its branches give shade during summer time and fresh air for us to consume. But what if the branches start to fall to the ground and cause […]

Stump Grinding in Helensvale

25 Jan 2019When a tree is chopped down, there’s a small remaining portion of the trunk with the roots still affixed to the ground. These are called stumps. They give a very unattractive look to your lawn and might even cause harm, as innocent bystanders may accidentally fall or collide into them. The only way […]

Bushfire Precautions in Tallebudgera

18 Jan 2019Gutters must be cleared away from debris or stockpiles of leaves. Dry leaves are combustible and might help spread any flames on your roof. It must be cleaned up and composted. Though leaves can come from trees in your own backyard, it is advisable that you don’t cut them off. In fact, trees […]

Foliar Spraying in Kingsholme

11 Jan 2019Foliar feeding is a technique used by arboriculturists to give plants the nutrients needed to grow healthier in relatively less amount of time. The fertiliser is mixed with water and then sprayed on to the leaves. Plants absorb nutrients faster through the leaves which makes foliar feeding a very effective way of keeping […]

Garden Mulching in Pimpama

04 Jan 2019Adding mulch to your garden doesn’t just add for an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but a practical purpose also. Beneficial to the health of your trees and plants, mulches stimulate microflora and microfauna in your soil – reducing weed growth whilst ensuring moisture levels are maintained adequately. Watering and consequent watering costs are therefore […]

Leopard Tree Care in Oxenford

28 Dec 2018Leopard Tree (Libidibia Ferrea), a huge, semi-deciduous tree can be pruned and maintained properly for suburban pathways. The autumn leaf display with its toughness in frost and drought situations have made the tree one that us used by many Queensland landscapers – most especially in Oxenford. Many families in Oxenford own a Leopard […]

Queensland Bottle Tree Care in Currumbin

21 Dec 2018The Queensland Bottle Tree (Brachychiton rupestris), is an evergreen-coloured tree known for its bottle-shaped trunk and bell-shaped flowers. Caring for your Bottle Tree is not that hard since it is tolerant of most soil types. If maintained properly, Bottle Trees do not just add beauty to your surroundings; they can also add shade […]

Eucalyptus Tree Surgery – Southport

12 Dec 2018A large Eucalyptus tree in Southport was causing somewhat of an inconvenience for a family and their four-bedroom home. The tree’s overarching upper branches and encroached on much of the home’s frontage and made its way to the driveway; its fallen leaves clogging up drains and gutters and not to mention the potential […]

Palm Tree Maintenance in Palm Beach, Burleigh Heads & Miami

05 Dec 2018Palm trees complete every tropical fantasy. How the leaves sway with the wind while you sip on something from a coconut resting on a hammock tied on a palm tree is such a common thought for many when thinking about that relaxing tropical feel. In real life, palm trees are not that far […]

Jacaranda Tree Pruning in Carrara

28 Nov 2018The Jacaranda Tree, a tree known for its lavender-coloured flower, can grow up to 10 metres. Native to Central America, the Jacaranda Tree made its way to Australia more than a hundred years ago. The fernlike foliage of the Jacaranda Tree turns yellow in the winter and is usually planted beside roads and […]

Leopard Tree Maintenance in Mudgeeraba

21 Nov 2018The Libidibia ferrea, or known to the common tongue as the Leopard Tree, can grow to large sizes and it can be considered as a semi-deciduous kind of tree. The Leopard Tree is a suburban staple in many suburbs on the Gold Coast like Mudgeeraba. Each Leopard Tree shows off its ornamental flowers […]

Tree services Nerang

20 Nov 2018Another day and another weer species tree removal in Nerang. Using our specialised machinery, Tree Essence make this sort of work look easy, using only the best in equipment to help chip your debris and waste around your home. Safety, efficiency, coupled with sustainability are our key priorities. Servicing all parts of the […]

Palm Cleaning – Main Beach

19 Nov 2018Tree Essence are onsite in Main Beach today for regular upkeep and maintenance on these beautiful Cuban Royal palms (Roystonea regia). Cuban Royal Palms exude luxury and opulence, and here on Main Beach, they suit the surroundings just fine! Tree Essence give these Cuban Royal Palms the royal treatment, providing bi-annual cleaning. Due […]

Caring for your Eucalyptus Trees – Nerang

16 Nov 2018The Eucalyptus tree is most known for being one of Australia’s most common trees, and with the cute Koalas that come to munch on its leaves. While there are a lot of species of Eucalyptus trees, the Gum Tree and the Silver-Dollar Tree are two of the most commonly seen in most of […]

Tree removal Nerang

14 Nov 2018Qualified and trained arborists don’t just make plants and trees look pretty, some of the jobs we do can be quite risky and hazardous. Today, we have a tricky tree removal task to perform over a house in Nerang. Utilising surrounding trees as rigging and hight points, a great degree of safety and […]

Springbrook tree removal

13 Nov 2018An early morning start and crisp cool temperatures won’t hold the Tree Essence team back from performing a tree removal in Springbrook today. Head down and straight into the task, we removed a tree that was overhanging a family home. Complicated and intricate, we got it done and now a moment just to […]

Tree Removal Broadbeach

07 Nov 2018Doing some tree removal for a new building at Star Casino. Tree removal in the heart of Broadbeach is something we do regularly and it’s great to be working with a leading brand like Star Casino.

To prune or lop? A tale of tree pruning in Bundall

05 Nov 2018If you’re contemplating tree lopping in and around your Gold Coast property, STOP. This Bundall home contained a Poinciana Tree that had just grown too large – encumbering upon a beautiful backyard and family play area. The homeowner initially approached Tree Essence to conduct lopping the Poinciana Tree and whilst the request was […]

Poinciana Tree Soil Injection in Surfers Paradise

29 Oct 2018The overall health of a tree is something many take for granted until severe damage, defoliation, or deciduousness become apparent. Soil injection is a popular and effective method of treating poor tree health and the team at Tree Essence are adept at performing safe and reliable soil injection for your sick trees or […]

Palm Cleaning – Robina

26 Oct 2018Tree Essence are onsite in Robina performing an annual clean on these magnificent palm trees. With summer just around the corner, tree health is paramount and so Tree Essence also ensured soil nutrition levels were maintained. Unwanted tree pests, such as beetles, were also taken care of.

3 ways to prepare your trees for storm season

08 Oct 2018Intense elemental disasters like humid temperatures, wild blasts of wind, and consistent heavy rainfall are not too kind on trees. Those who are not prepared often suffer severe damage during these seasons. Some falling trees even end up destroying property, something those in Robina, Mudgeeraba and Ormeau know too much about. Here’s Tree […]

Soil Injection – Labrador

03 Oct 2018Renovations can take a toll on trees. This Tuckeroo from a home in Labrador is showing signs of wilting. In efforts to save the Tuckeroo, Tree Essence injected elixir into the soil, eventually improving the tree’s health. Tree Essence services all of Labrador. Call on Tree Essence, your expert Arborists, for tree pruning […]

Land clearing on your Gold Coast property

27 Sep 2018Regardless of the scale of your project, we can assist you with all your land clearing requirements.  With safe and efficient techniques, we can clear your block with those unwanted trees in preparation for your upcoming project. Our land clearing services are carried out with all of our latest and up to date machinery, […]