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Habitat Creation Gold Coast


The Arboricultural community is becoming more aware of the importance of habitat trees and hollows as part of our ecosystem. The creation of habitat hollows in dead or dying trees is becoming a popular choice for our clients. Tree Essence is participating with local government bodies, Currumbin Wild Life Sanctuary and private clients to help create habitat by utilising trees that may have been destined for removal.


We have be developing methods to install artificial shelter and housing for our native wildlife – Possums, birds, bats,. Unlike externally-attached nest boxes, ours different as we will cut into stems and branches, giving a more natural finish, This design is natural insulated and less obvious to predators. It has a variety of applications, and can be targeted at specific wildlife species.

Tree Essence offers specialty in:

  • Artificial tree hollows for birds
  • Artificial tree hollows for mammals
  • Artificial tree hollows for bats
  • Provide consultation on habitat creation


Our intentions is to replace some of the habitat that is being removed, for the benefit of our local fauna and flora.

All habitat creation work is conducted from Arboricultural knowledge and assessment from our experienced, AQF Level 5 (Diploma) qualified Consulting Arborists.

Our experienced team is ever willing to provide you with all your tree solutions. Our team is skilled, highly trained and ready and fully prepared to do any tree project you may require!

In addition to other services, we offer a superb tree pruning service as well, all to comply with Australian Standards AS4373.

Our habitat creation gold coast service uses the highest safety standards , please contact us today for a free appraisal.

Tree Essence are Gold Coast’s Leading Tree Experts – Call 1300 487 333

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