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With the widest array of products in the pool shop, hassle-free quality pool services, expert water testing analysis, to pool renovations to name a few, Active Pools Supplies is the absolute one-stop pool shop in the Gold Coast and beyond.

Active Pools Supplies can renovate the existing pool at home into the pool you've always wanted, only to discover that it was the pool you didn't know you needed all along.

If the pool at home is getting too old for the taste, Active Pools Supplies can give the pool a facelift; a new and improved feel the next time you decide to take a dip, or cannonball into the pool.

Changing the surface of the pool will extend its life for up to 20 years or more. There are various types of surfaces that can either be wiser for the budget, improve the colour and overall feel of the pool's surface, or simply upgrade the pool into the most luxurious element in the home.

The option to add tile bands or waterline tiles can be done as well. Tile bands give the pool a more stylish finish, all while allowing for an easier cleaning to get rid of scum line or prevent permanent rings like the ones seen on old bathtubs. Finally, finish off the top edge of the pool with only the best pool coping. Active Pools Supplies can do all of those and more.

Whatever the pool may need like a refurbishment, upgrade pump and filter or clear up a issue with the water quality, Active Pool Supplies are the team to call.

Keep in mind that if the problem is a equipment failure, the pool's broken pump, chlorinators, filters, or cleaners can also get the VIP treatment in the Active Pools Supplies workshop. Call or come instore.

Call Active Pools Supplies today on 5537 3341 and know more about what they can do to create a better pool for you. You can also visit Active Pools Supplies at 2/17 Upton St, Bundall QLD 4217. To be treated like a VVIP be sure to quote the promotional code of "Queensland's Best"

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