CTS Termite and Pest Control territory - Gold Coast's most trusted pest control and termite business

From Yatala to Coolangatta, you're in CTS Termite and Pest Control territory - Gold Coast's most trusted pest control and termite treatment company. Having killed millions (if not billions) of termites, saved homeowners thousands of dollars, and serviced hundreds of homes all over the Gold Coast, Complete Termite Solutions have proven to be attentive to every detail, nook and cranny of every home its team sets foot in.

Every CTS Termite and Pest Control technician holds a keen eye for every home it inspects. They are Gold Coast's most skilled, focused, and experienced team. Complete Termite Solutions are a one-stop service for everything from pest inspections to repairs that are caused by termite damage. They wholeheartedly stand by their service and that they even place a $2 million termite damage warranty when it comes to the work they complete. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

When it comes to termite treatment and protection, CTS Termite and Pest Control have all your needs covered. First, the team will work to place in-ground stations around your home. Next, should there be termites located inside your home, they'll place bait stations in strategic areas to begin the process of eliminating termites immediately. After these stations have been positioned, the team will then regularly monitor the efficacy of each bait station, often times pumping them full of the lethal (but family & pet-safe) Requiem bait. This bait then takes a toll on these termites, dissipating their ability to bite into anything, leading to eventual elimination amongst the remainder of the colony.

For any pest inspection, pest control or termite related work, contact the team from CTS Termite and Pest Control and you will not be disappointed. You can reach them via phone on 1300 664 971, or visit their office at 3/19 Jay Gee Court, Nerang (by appointment only). To be treated like a VVIP be sure to quote the promotional code of "Queensland's Best".

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