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A tree is made from root, trunk, and crown; while invisible, the root is a vital section of the tree and needs just as much care as its aerial parts. But how can you have access to your trees’ branches stretching wide underground? Tree Essence are a soil injection Gold Coast specialist.

Fortunately, there is a unique method that can address a tree’s root system problems and needs, and this method is now available at Tree Essence – it’s called soil injection


Although it may sound complicated, soil injection is the simple and fairly common process of delivering pesticide or chemical fertiliser into a tree through the root zone. The injected material is absorbed by the root’s branches and eventually reaches the canopy.


This method of delivering pesticide or fertiliser to a tree comes with multiple advantages:

  • Delivering fertilisers to your trees in a faster and more efficient manner

  • Protecting animal and insect populations living in trees (the spray drift generated by pesticides is avoided)

  • Supporting the tree’s recovery process and encouraging deeper rooting

  • Aerating the soil around the tree’s root zone

  • Inoculating the roots with Mycorrhizae (a symbiotic fungus that delivers water and nutrients to the tree)


The qualified and experienced workers at Tree Essence will use special injection probes to deliver liquid solution to your trees’ roots at a depth of 8 to 10 inches. We cover the entire area underneath the tree’s canopy and we follow either a grid or a circular pattern, depending on your garden’s emplacement and features.

At Tree Essence we use the soil injection technique only to improve plant health and help regenerate soil, without hurting soil biota and plant roots or contaminating waters. We comply with Australian Standards and we are ready to provide the best services for your trees!



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