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Stump grinding is generally the final process in a complete tree removal. Tree stumps take years to rot away and break down naturally, this being issue of safety or being a attractant for termites on your property, you should consider stump grinding gold coast.

For a small investment have your unwanted tree stumps ground by a professional, giving you benefits short and long term.

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What is Stump Grinding?

Whats named as a stump grinder is when a machine with a large rotating disc with hardened steel teeth attached. This large disc rotating at high speed chips away the tree stump inch by inch. By passing over the stump from side to side the spinning disc gradually chips away at the stump until it’s just a pile of literally saw dust.


Tree Essence has two different size stump grinders. A smaller grinder for limited access stumps, which can be lifted up stairs or onto a raised garden bed. Our larger machine requires access passage way on 900mm. Our stump grinding gold coast team are efficiently skilled in turning your unwanted stumps in to saw dust. Please call our office or book a free on-site quote to find out more on stump grinding gold coast.


Stump Grinding Service

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