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Preservation of our trees is one of our mission statements at Tree Essence. We have placed importance on studying the causes of tree failure and working to prevent that failure Determining the causes of structural failure enables us to hopefully prevent damage before it happens.

A tree may suffer significant damage from any number of sources, commonly severe weather conditions. The leading cause of major tree failure is co-dominant stem fracture, when the multiple trunks of a tree grow too heavy for their own union and weight. This type of twin stem is often structurally unsound to begin with, having a minimal attachment at the trunk union and heavy growth can push a tree past the breaking point. Pruning helps, but trees with co-dominant stems almost always need permanent braces.


Our Arbortists can assess your trees for structural weaknesses and defects and then recommend the best type of cable bracing design for your circumstances.

Cable bracing systems offer supplementary support between two or more stems, allowing them to share the load of the canopy instead of supporting the entire weight individulaly.


Tree bracing gold coast is a new innovative method to wrap the weak stems with a synthetic, non-conductive support system. The procedure is entirely non-invasive, allowing the tree to still be able to move dynamically in the wind. We don’t use invasive methods of drilling steel pylons and tunneling cables through the trunk of your tree causes more damage than it prevents.


Yale bracing cabling uses a synthetic construction along with built in shock absorbers to make for a much less rigid, more dynamic system. This unique design works to reduce sudden stress on the trunk, allowing branches to flex and bend during severe weather instead of snapping and breaking.


The Tree Essence team believes in preserving the longevity of the trees that share our world. We strive to do everything we can to educate our clients in caring for their trees and enable homeowners to make an informed decision about their trees.

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