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Tree Essence Arborists and Tree Removals 19 Jay Gee Court Nerang, QLD 4211 1300 487 333
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Our expert arborist team is in Merrimac reguarly doing tree removals, tree pruning, tree lopping and other tree services. All our great testimonials confirm that our tree pruning in Merrimac is first class.

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– Tree and shrub pruning Merrimac
– Tree and shrub removal Merrimac
– Tree and shrub lopping Merrimac
– Clearing of land Merrimac

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Street Arborist Service Year
Jondique Ave, Merrimac Arborist and Arboriculture Merrimac 2018, Merrimac
Gooding Dr, Merrimac Tree Pruning Merrimac 2017, Merrimac
Tarbert Cl, Merrimac Arborist and Arboriculture Merrimac 2017, Merrimac
Longmorn Cres, Merrimac Tree Lopping Merrimac 2017, Merrimac
Gooding Dr, Merrimac Land clearing Merrimac 2017, Merrimac
Longmorn Cres, Merrimac Arborist and Arboriculture Merrimac 2016, Merrimac
Barra Ct, Merrimac Stump Grinding Merrimac 2016, Merrimac
Longmorn Crescent, Merrimac Tree Removal Merrimac 2015, Merrimac
Kingarry Cct, Merrimac Tree Pruning Merrimac 2015, Merrimac
Kingarry Cct, Merrimac Arborist and Arboriculture Merrimac 2015, Merrimac


Metric Rating (1 Low – 10 High)
Forestry index 6 – Parklands scattered throughout
Water index 7 – Nearby canals and ponds
Gumtrees 30%
Shrubs 20%
Palm Trees 20%
Other Trees 30%
Density 20
Developed 2001


Merrimac, home to almost 7,000, is a suburb on the City of Gold Coast. There are two possible origins of its name. One, the Merrimack River in the New England region of the United States. Two, the USS Merrimac, a Union navy ship.

Merrimac is situated on the floodplains in the focal district of the city. Merrimac is the site of new lodging and building improvements as of March 2006. More lodging projects began from that point and the land scene in Merrimac has been extremely dynamic from that point forward.

The South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Program take into consideration an infill station to be developed in Merrimac on the Gold Drift railroad line, between the Nerang and Robina rail route stations. This undertaking would make Merrimac more open to whatever remains of Gold Coast and make it less demanding for the general population of Merrimac to see a greater amount of their excellent city simpler.

There are waterways and lakes all over in Merrimac, ideal for desolate ends of the week where children can make paper boats and watch them ride through the swells. There’s dependable space for awesome and fun exercises in Merrimac, and space for more homes. A suburb area ideal for first time home purchasers, for little families, retirees, and experts.

Merrimac is a suburb for extraordinary beginnings and incredible restarts. With parklands peppered all around the suburb, Merrimac should be called outside hangout town. Kite flying, picnics, or a great round of tag, there are bunches of things that should be possible in Merrimac in whatever day of the week.

A cool breeze comes through Merrimac almost every day. With trees in its parks and alongside homes, it’s easy to sit back and contemplate in places like Merrimac. For some homes in the suburb, there are trees that are purposely planted on lawns or backyards to make living a little cooler. What most homeowners don’t know is that these beautiful trees can grow branches that may extend on top of roofs and possibly cause damage to lives and property when branches break and fall off. In case things like these happen, Tree Essence can help fix or even prevent the problem. Tree Essence also provides other tree-related services in Merrimac like tree pruning or tree removal.