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Tree Essence Arborists and Tree Removals 19 Jay Gee Court Nerang, QLD 4211 1300 487 333
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Our expert arborist team is in Mount Nathan reguarly doing tree removals, tree pruning, tree lopping and other tree services. All our great testimonials confirm that our tree pruning in Mount Nathan is first class.

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– Clearing of land Mount Nathan

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Street Arborist Service Year
The Oval Dr, Mount Nathan Tree Removal Mount Nathan 2016, Mount Nathan


Metric Rating (1 Low – 10 High)
Forestry index 6 – Parklands
Water index 2 – Some traces of water
Gumtrees 25%
Shrubs %
Palm Trees 15%
Other Trees 35%
Density 25
Developed 2011


That small suburb right at the southeastern part of Gold Coast is Mount Nathan. Located in its hinterland part, Mount Nathan is one of Gold Coast’s smaller suburbs with around 1200 people calling it home.

Mount Nathan houses quite the collection of citizens hailing originally from different parts of the world. Most of the people living in Mount Nathan, of course, are true locals. Other people there may come from England, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, and Sri Lanka. They all call Mount Nathan home, living together in diverse harmony.

There is a unique appeal to the suburb of Mount Nathan when the rain starts falling. When the rain clouds gather on Mount Nathan, the pavement seems to take up a mirror-like look to them.

Mount Nathan is a suburb built upon a comparatively higher land area. The usual temperature gets colder, and it is a condition that trees really thrive in. When the temperatures are cooler, more trees tend to grow, and that their presence only amounts to cooler breezes for the entire suburb.

There is no doubt that there are trees that are planted close to homes in Mount Nathan. And while these trees give the identity of the suburb, undermaintained trees near houses can cause dangers to both lives and property. Branches may grow on tops of roofs and above fences, and when strong winds pass through, weaker branches may fall off and cause damage that costs property owners more money than the cost of preventing these events in the first place. For instances like these, it’s important to turn to tree maintenance measures like tree pruning or tree removal. Tree Essence offers these kinds of services to Mount Nathan and other suburbs in Gold Coast.

There are more trees than people in Mount Nathan, so tree maintenance is a very important thing for trees that are planted near homes. For tree-related services in Mount Nathan, Tree Essence is the best choice.