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Tree Essence Arborists and Tree Removals 19 Jay Gee Court Nerang, QLD 4211 1300 487 333

Tree Essence Arborists and Tree Removals 19 Jay Gee Court Nerang, QLD 4211 1300 487 333
+1300 487 333

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Our expert arborist team is in Neranwood reguarly doing tree removals, tree pruning, tree lopping and other tree services. All our great testimonials confirm that our tree pruning in Neranwood is first class.

Contact us about:
– Tree and shrub pruning Neranwood
– Tree and shrub removal Neranwood
– Tree and shrub lopping Neranwood
– Clearing of land Neranwood

Contact us for all these services and more Neranwood.


Street Arborist Service Year
Gold Coast Springbrook Rd, Neranwood Arborist and Arboriculture Neranwood 2018, Neranwood
Gold Coast Springbrook Rd, Neranwood Tree Pruning Neranwood 2017, Neranwood
Gold Coast Springbrook Rd, Neranwood Tree Lopping Neranwood 2017, Neranwood


Metric Rating (1 Low – 10 High)
Forestry index 8 – Lush greenery and surrounds
Water index 2 – Some traces of water
Gumtrees 40%
Shrubs %
Palm Trees 24%
Other Trees 25%
Density 10
Developed 2011


Neranwood is a suburb in Gold Coast whose name is a clever combination of the name of the Nerang Hardwood Company, a business establishment that was prominent during the 1920’s.

There used to be a private tramway that was used to transport timber and deliver it all the way from the then-prominent sawmill until it gets to the railway siding at Mudgeeraba.

There were two locomotives servicing the tramway, Alison and Kathleen. The project was eventually deemed as economically non-viable. The sawmill and the tramway closed in 1928. After the fallout, the tramway sleepers were used by the locals as firewood. After that, the settlement started to put up shops and other necessary establishments and soon the suburb developed into the Neranwood that we know today.

Neranwood is a good community for people looking for a more relaxed everyday lifestyle. The way the people of Neranwood move around the suburb is more laid-back than the busier suburbs in Gold Coast. Homes are filled with people who have great stories to share and are even better friends to keep. There is a rich history that backs up the establishments in Neranwood, but it should only be an encouragement to its people to make new memories and break history to make way for new ones. Developments in Neranwood are seen to take place in the coming years, it only waits for its people to make a move and take the first step towards development.

There is a great tree-density in Neranwood. It is undeniable that every home in Neranwood is surrounded with trees. Trees near homes may grow branches that extend over the roof. During strong storms, those branches might break off, fall over, and cause damage on roofs. Pruning helps avoid these situations. For tree pruning, tree removal, and other tree-related services in Neranwood, Tree Essence is the best choice.