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Tree Essence Arborists and Tree Removals 19 Jay Gee Court Nerang, QLD 4211 1300 487 333
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Our expert arborist team is in Wongawallan reguarly doing tree removals, tree pruning, tree lopping and other tree services. All our great testimonials confirm that our tree pruning in Wongawallan is first class.

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– Tree and shrub pruning Wongawallan
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– Clearing of land Wongawallan

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Street Arborist Service Year
Parkside Pde, Wongawallan Tree Pruning Wongawallan 2017, Wongawallan
Wongawallan Dr, Wongawallan Stump Grinding Wongawallan 2015, Wongawallan


Metric Rating (1 Low – 10 High)
Forestry index 8 – Mostly reserves and parks
Water index 2 – Some traces of water
Gumtrees 50%
Shrubs %
Palm Trees 10%
Other Trees 30%
Density 10
Developed 2011


Wongawallan is a rural suburb in City of Gold Coast, Queensland. According to the 2011 census, is home to more than 1,100 people.

It was originally named by surveyor Dixon after Henry Goulburn, a former Secretary for the Colonies and Tory politician of the 1830s and 1840s.

The Tamborine-Oxenford Road serves as the spine-like access road through the suburb.

The name of the suburb, Wongawallan, is a derivation of the Indigenous Australian words wonga and wallan that translates to modern phrasing as water pigeon.

Because of Wongawallan’s elevated grounds, it is a great place for residential properties as well as farms. There are two main creeks in the suburb, Wongawallan Creek and Tamborine Creek which joins the Wongawallan Creek near Welch Pioneer Park.

Peppered with parks and reserves, Wongawallan is a suburb themed in green as trees are very dense and in perfect harmony with the communities. Trees of various kinds can be seen sprouting from everywhere, may it be in business establishments or residential private properties.

Trees are a great addition to any building; they provide a good shade during warm days, and they sure add in a great natural aesthetic feature no man-made decoration can provide. There are a lot of Gumtrees planted along the streets of Wongawallan, as well as the parks and to the houses in the suburb. And while the benefits of having trees near homes and business establishments are not new to most, some people are still strangers as to the dangers that trees can cause should they fail to go through proper maintenance measures.

Tree Essence knows all about trees in Wongawallan and other Gold Coast suburbs. They provide services in Wongawallan like tree pruning, tree lopping, tree removal, and other arborist services. Call on Tree Essence now to know more about how they can help keep your homes and businesses safe from unfortunate events.