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Tree lopping is generally considered poor practice in modern arboriculture. Pruning should be conducted to Australian Standards AS4373-2007. Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns. Well cared-for trees are attractive and can add considerable value to your property.

Why Should You Avoid Lopping your Trees?

  • Lopping trees produce masses of dormant bud to shoot which are poorly attached to the remaining stem or branches. As the new regrowth develops from these buds their attachment remains just under the surface unlike a branches growth where overlapping wood tissue creates strength.
  • Lopped trees are an incident waiting to happen. Every time the wind blows there’s the risk that property damage or worse someone injured by a falling branch.
  • Lopping may be seen as a quick fix but it’s a temporary measure that will require ongoing work. Once you lop a tree you’ll need to lop it again every few years in order to remove the unstable regrowth. The cost of remediation for a lopped tree is expensive, and sometimes remediation is not even possible.
  • Tree lopping places trees under significant stress because they no longer have large volumes of foliage to create energy and food through photosynthesis. As a result, trees will often generate a mass of vigorous, unstable regrowth known as ‘epicormic’ growth .This response is often difficult to manage, and if the tree doesn’t have enough stored energy reserves to generate regrowth, it may die.
  • Large wounds that result from tree lopping gold coast may allow decay or pathogens to attack the tree and not allowing the trees natural defence systems to block them out. Lopping can also create sunburn in trees, which often leads to bark splitting, branch failure or death in the tree.

We at Tree Essence we have all the best solutions for all your tree needs with alternatives to lopping. Contact us for an obligation-free consultation..

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